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Lancaster County PA Rough Cut Lumber

Kingdom Fence & Supply's state-of-the-art sawmill produces customized cuts of premium rough-cut lumber for our Lancaster County PA customers.

When it comes to building projects, whether it's a DIY project or a new fence, the choice of materials is crucial. While prefabricated lumber is readily available in stores, it can lack the character and durability needed for certain projects. Whether used for a fence, deck, or outdoor furniture, the rough, unfinished texture creates a visually appealing and authentic look. The variation in grain patterns and knots of rough-cut lumber gives each piece its own distinctive character, ensuring that your project stands out from the crowd.

Our rough-cut lumber is available to contractors and professional builders as well as homeowners and do-it-yourself enthusiasts who appreciate the highest quality materials for their projects. Our expert team can fell trees from your own land, haul the timber with our dedicated grapple truck, cut it to your specifications at our sawmill, and then deliver it back to you. We also offer cedar, oak, and custom-cut pressure-treated pine custom-cut with precision at our sawmill to meet the specific needs of any project. From posts, boards, and siding to timbers and the increasingly popular live edge slabs, Kingdom Fence & Supply is poised to meet all your lumber requirements with unmatched quality.

Lancaster County PA Fallen Tree Repurposing

At Kingdom Fence & Supply, we recognize the deep connections and sentimental value that a tree can hold for individuals, families, or even entire communities. A fallen tree, rich in memories and significance, need not mark the end of its story. With our state-of-the-art sawmill, we offer a unique chance to breathe new life into these cherished trees by transforming them into high-quality, usable lumber. Whether it's for a community project, a piece of furniture, or any other endeavor, we ensure that the essence of the tree is preserved and given a renewed purpose. By repurposing the wood, we help immortalize those memories, allowing the legacy of the special tree to live on and serving as a lasting tribute to its place in your heart and history.

Rough Cut Lumber - Lancaster County PA

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At Kingdom Fence & Supply, we've streamlined the fence selection process into three straightforward steps. Serving Lancaster County PA, we provide a wide variety of fence styles and types. When you're ready to begin, just reach out to our team. We're here to guide you from start to finish, ensuring your fence project is hassle-free and efficient.

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Buying a fence step 1: Measure the property

Property Measurement

Begin your fencing journey by pinpointing where you'd like your fence to be. Let our Kingdom Fence & Supply experts come to you and accurately measure your property, offering a no-obligation estimate to set things in motion.

Buying a fence step 2: choose a fence style

Fence Style Selection

Delve into our wide variety of fencing styles. Whether you want something classic, modern, or entirely unique, Kingdom Fence & Supply has a diverse collection to match your home's look and feel.

Buying a fence step 3: Delivery & Installation

Seamless Delivery & Setup

Once you've made your choices, leave the heavy lifting to us. Our experienced crew at Kingdom Fence & Supply will ensure your chosen fence is delivered and installed without a hitch, guaranteeing a smooth finish every time.

Kingdom Fence & Supply specializes in producing a diverse range of wood types for rough-cut lumber, including cedar, oak, and custom-cut pressure-treated pine. This allows us to cater to a wide variety of project needs, ensuring the right fit for every customer.

Absolutely! At Kingdom Fence & Supply, we value the sentiment attached to trees, especially ones with personal or communal significance. We can convert your fallen tree into usable lumber at our sawmill, preserving its memory and giving it a new purpose in your projects.

Yes, Kingdom Fence & Supply's sawmill produces a range of specialty cuts of wood, including posts, boards, siding, timbers, and live edge slabs. Our diverse offerings for our Lancaster County PA customers ensure you'll find the perfect fit for any project, be it functional or decorative.

Indeed, we do! Kingdom Fence & Supply is equipped with a log truck featuring a grapple, which aids in cleaning up and transporting your logs to our sawmill. Our goal is to make the entire process seamless for our clients.

Certainly! Our sawmill produces large quantities of rough-cut lumber, suitable for a myriad of applications, including trailer decking and fencing. Whether it's for residential or commercial projects, Kingdom Fence & Supply ensures high-quality lumber tailored to your specifications.

At Kingdom Fence & Supply in Lancaster County PA, we offer a variety of trailer decking options suitable for various loads and purposes, including different types of wood. Each type has its benefits, and our team is ready to guide you in choosing the best fit for your specific requirements.

The longevity of trailer decking from Kingdom Fence & Supply depends on the material chosen and the care it receives. Generally, our hardwood and treated pine decks can last for many years with proper maintenance. Regular checks and timely repairs can further extend the life of your trailer deck.

Lancaster County PARough Cut Lumber

The natural beauty and rustic charm of rough-cut lumber custom cut in our own sawmill adds a touch of character and uniqueness to any project. Whether you are using it for building fences, decking, outdoor furniture, or other wood projects, the rough, unfinished texture creates a visually appealing and authentic look. We obtain lumber from sustainable sources and can even use a tree from your own property and cut it for you to use for your own projects.

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