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In the heart of Lancaster County PA, Kingdom Fence & Supply is renowned for its expert craftsmanship in creating authentic split rail fences.

These fences, deeply rooted in American heritage, provide a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, making them a preferred choice for homeowners and farmers alike. Kingdom Fence & Supply harnesses the rustic allure of split rail, delivering a fence that not only defines property boundaries but also adds a touch of pastoral charm.

At Kingdom Fence & Supply, we understand the unique requirements of Lancaster County PA's landscapes. Each split rail fence is meticulously crafted to suit the specific needs of our clients, whether it's for a sprawling farm or a cozy suburban home. With an emphasis on durability and authenticity, our split rail fences stand as a testament to our dedication to quality and our deep appreciation for this timeless fencing style.

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Lancaster County PARough Cut Lumber

The natural beauty and rustic charm of rough-cut lumber custom cut in our own sawmill adds a touch of character and uniqueness to any project. Whether you are using it for building fences, decking, outdoor furniture, or other wood projects, the rough, unfinished texture creates a visually appealing and authentic look. We obtain lumber from sustainable sources and can even use a tree from your own property and cut it for you to use for your own projects.

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