Looking for a traditional fence with little maintenance and a long lifespan? Look no further—vinyl fencing is a great option for your Lancaster County property! A vinyl fence will provide protection, privacy, and curb appeal to your home simultaneously. Kingdom Fence & Supply offers a wide range of high-quality vinyl fence choices, and we love showing our customers why vinyl fences are a great choice for homes and businesses around Pennsylvania. Read on to learn more about the primary advantages of vinyl fencing and discover whether this versatile fence design is the right choice for your property! 

The History Of Vinyl

“Vinyl” stands for “polyvinyl chloride” (PVC). In 1872, a German scientist discovered this form of plastic. However, vinyl did not become commercially accessible until the 1950s, when it rapidly became an increasingly common material for a variety of items. 


Nowadays, vinyl is one of the most popular plastics worldwide. Vinyl components may be found in a variety of industries. Communications, textiles, healthcare, automotive, and, also, construction are just a few examples. Vinyl is a long-lasting and versatile material that has been used to create everything from apparel and toys to medical equipment and building supplies. Vinyl fences are in widespread use today due to their resilience to water, sunlight, and extreme temps.

Lancaster County Vinyl Fence Benefits

Vinyl Fences Are Strong and Resilient

A fence is a significant investment, and choosing the right fence style is key since a well-built fence can last a lifetime. Choosing the correct fence for your home is important, one that works with your everyday needs while also making your yard look great. Vinyl fencing is stronger and more resilient than wood fences and other fencing materials.


In terms of strength and longevity, vinyl fencing is the obvious choice. Vinyl fences can not only endure the extreme weather conditions that Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, homeowners may experience, but they also resist deterioration from continuous exposure to the elements such as wind, sun, or rain.

Vinyl Fences Last a Lifetime

Before you get intimidated by the initial expense of a vinyl fence, keep in mind that these fences will last a lifetime with very little upkeep or maintenance. Vinyl fences seldom require costly repairs or expert servicing, especially in comparison with other fence types. All of our Lancaster County vinyl fence installations utilize high-quality fence materials that will not crack, bend, or warp for years to come. 


Vinyl fences add a great deal of value to your home or property since they last so long. A high-quality vinyl fence made of long-lasting PVC will never require replacement. This is important if your family plans to call this property home for a long time! On the contrary, if you decide to sell your present home, a vinyl fence will greatly increase its market value. Pennsylvania homeowners appreciate the benefits of vinyl fences and are constantly seeking a high-quality fence that will last a lifetime. Kingdom Fence is a professional Lancaster County fencing contractor that guarantees your vinyl fence will last! 

For a Low Maintenance Fence, Opt for Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is so simple to maintain that your new vinyl fence will require little to no maintenance! There is no need for a power washer or harsh chemicals to maintain a vinyl fence to keep it looking like new. Occasional rain is generally sufficient to remove any dirt or debris. If there is a buildup, clear it by spraying your fence with a garden hose. Water on its own will usually remove any dirt and grime off the fence, but for difficult locations, use a cloth dampened with warm water and dish soap. 


One of the most popular reasons why homeowners and business owners pick vinyl fences is their low maintenance needs. A knowledgeable Lancaster County fencing contractor will agree that vinyl fencing is unrivaled in terms of ease of upkeep!   

Vinyl Fences are Weather Resistant

Vinyl fences are constructed from PVC, an extremely durable material that is resistant to corrosion and weathering when exposed to Mother Nature. Vinyl fences, for example, are resistant to rust, erosion, oxidation, and termites even after several years of use.


Vinyl is a strong material that does not absorb water, making it an excellent choice for pool fencing. Vinyl fences are also suitable for humid conditions since they do not blister, corrode, or flake. Other fences are vulnerable to termites and water damage, whereas vinyl fences are designed to last.

Bid Farewell to the Need for Painting or Staining Ever Again  

Contrary to wood fences, which must be painted and stained several times during their lifetime, vinyl fences won’t deteriorate. Vinyl fences have colors that remain consistent throughout and resist discoloration in the sun. Vinyl fences do not require refinishing and will maintain the same radiant, like new color, as when they were initially built. Maintaining a new-looking fence has never been easier than with a Lancaster County vinyl fence from Kingdom Fence. 

Building a Vinyl Fence is Surprisingly Inexpensive

Vinyl fences are typically less costly than metal fencing materials such as aluminum and ornamental iron. Although they are more expensive than wood fences and low-quality plastics. All things considered, vinyl fences are a more economical solution for your Pennsylvania home or business.   


Vinyl fences are so easy to maintain that you won’t have to spend money on cleaning supplies, paint, stains, or replacement hardware. Their longevity ensures that you will not have to spend money on fence maintenance or new parts. Vinyl fences cost substantially less to maintain over time than any other fencing material. Vinyl fencing will save you not just money but also time. You won’t have to waste money on a repairman if you have a vinyl fence installed by an expert Lancaster County fencing contractor! 

Learn More About Lancaster County Vinyl Fences 

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